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It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s that time of year again when everything becomes new when birds are chirping, sun is shining to dry up the morning dew.

Oh how sweet are all the sounds rolling through this new spring so put down the windows in your car and let the music ring

It’s that time of year again when everything becomes new. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses this spring  and enjoy your spring days that’s what you should do.

Remember When: Valued Deeds

A little, careful, friendly smile  that eases a painful heart, may be remembered many times, long after you depart.      

 A small Act of decency, a deed to show respect, maybe the greatest ever done, for great is its effect.

 A little word of friendliness by which a heart is fed maybe the most important word that you have ever said.
This Poem is dedicated to my Dad, Aunt, Uncles, Sisters, Brother, and Cousins. Also my many Friends. You may not know this, but you have all been  Inspirational in my life. I am so glad that you’re not only my Family but  also my Friends.

 Each day that I wake up and realize that I have been a very Loved and Blessed woman  I thank God. For providing me with some of the most supportive, loving family and friends a woman could ever hope for. 

Thank You.

Bouldin Blogs 4 You 


That intangible and mysterious  thing called  Opportunity, about which so many  essays have been written, so many  sermons preached, and so many poems inspired.  Is not a stranger who comes and knocks at our door in disguise, not a winged meteor that spreads its flaring stream of light across the Heavens when least expected, and not an archangel that suddenly awakes us from our sleep to bring good tidings.

Opportunity, is just plain Home Folk.

It’s as Constant as the  shadows that walk with us,and is always present in our affairs, regardless of vocation, posistion or circumstances. 

Opportunity is not  what may come to us tomorrow, but what we make out of today.


Bouldin Blogs 4 You.  About the Blogs Autbor:,

Hi my name is Sandrina Bouldin. I am 46 years old and a Mother of 3 great Children. 

  My goal and hope for Creating this Blog, is too reintroduce some Ideas of times that seem to have been forgotten. To have an open forum for anyone who has a Short Stories, Poems, Recipes or just something to share that goes in sync with the Mission Of The Blog.

Of course everyone is Encouraged to Share

We just ask,that the Forum and it’s readers are Respected. Keep it Clean  

Always Credit Others if you  use their work for Inspiration

Thank You, 


Bouldin Blogs 4 You.

Created by  Sandrina Bouldin